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I’m not a morning person at all, so each morning the struggle is very real!

We all know that one person that hits snooze like 3 or 4 times, and I’m the epitome of that LoL! I have to get focused every morning if I want to show up to work looking semi-decent.  I’m trying to get my life together but that morning wake up call is rough!

I found a nice article that shares 8 beauty hacks that allows us those extra few minutes in bed:

  1. Shower and style your hair at night
  2.  Try beach waves instead of straightening your hair
  3. Use dry shampoo to freshen your hair for the day
  4. Wear an overnight face mask to shorten your skincare routine
  5. Smudge your eye shadow instead of using an eye liner pencil
  6. Use eyelash extensions so you don’t have to wear mascara
  7. Apply BB Cream instead of having to wear concealer and foundation
  8. Buy a combination blush and lip tint



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