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By Rahul Lal

While Amber Rose has been in some headline-grabbing relationships through the years, the serial monogamist, as she calls herself, is enjoying the single life. On her show on CBS Radio’s podcast network, Amber talked about her relationship status and how she’s much more excited about it than expected.

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“I’m actually really happy being single—super happy, actually,” she said while in a conversation about what she’s looking for these days with her co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue. “I get so much work done, I don’t feel obligated to f— text someone, it’s actually really great.”

Dr. Chris had some advice for Amber explaining that though it’s new to her, being single and getting a chance to just have fun with little expectations could be a great thing for her. He also wanted to counsel her that it could take some time to find a partner at her level and to keep doing her thing until.

“There’s not a lot of really woke, evolved, healthy people and so the dating pool, I think, for those who want someone mature and aware is quite small,” he added. “For those who have just left a relationship, you have to expect a certain length of time before you find another good egg.”

Listento the full episode of Loveline with Amber Rose below.


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