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And her label's out for blood.

By Jon Wiederhorn

Urban Outfitters is a big chain store that deals with a lot of product, so maybe Halsey fans should give them a break for accidentally shipping copies of her 2015 debut Badlands weeks ahead of its release date and selling copies more than three days before the record came out. Perhaps making a mistake like that once is forgivable — but twice?

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Halsey’s new album Hopeless Foundation Kingdom is scheduled for release on Friday (June 2), but guess where you can already pick up a copy? That’s right, Urban Outfitters.

The alt-pop artist has yet to respond, but her label sure isn’t happy.

halsey Urban Outfitters Accidentally Sells Halseys New Album Early, Again

And Halsey has good reason to be ticked off as well. Even after Urban Outfitter’s 2015 flub, she kindly forgave the company and offered them an exclusive clear, red-splattered vinyl exclusive for the new album. Now, Halsey may really be out for blood.


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