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"They got to do it while they are still young."

By Robyn Collins

Rapper and businessman Snoop Dogg has a word of advice for One Direction; come back soon!

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“I do think the One Direction guys will get back together. And that’s the smart thing to do,” he said in an interview with The Metro. “They got to do it while they are still young. Nobody wants to see a boy band have a comeback in their forties.”

“If they do it in the next year or two, they are still at a level where they can make another 20 or 30 million dollars each,” added Snoop.

Each of the members has been working on solo projects recently, but Niall Horan agrees with the West Coast rapper, saying, “When that phone call does come, no matter whoever it comes from, we’re back again.”

“We were very close to [Simon Cowell] for years and had a lot of success together,” Horan said. “I just felt like I wanted and needed a fresh start [at Capitol]. It’s a long time to be at a label I wanted to broaden my horizons and try something new. We both know that and when One Direction come back, we’ll still have albums left to do.” One Direction owes SYCO, Simon Cowell’s label, a few more records.

One Direction owes SYCO, Simon Cowell’s label, a few more records, reports NME.

Regarding Cowell, Snoop Dogg says he’d be up for a business arrangement with the business mogul. “I have spoken with Simon. I told him I would clear my schedule to come and help out at the audition stages and find him a global hip-hop star and he seems interested — he knows the value of finding one. The X Factor has done great at finding pop stars, but it still hasn’t found a hip-hop star. They are among the highest-earning artists in the world. Simon knows it makes sense to try and find one.”

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