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By Scott T. Sterling

With Halloween just around the corner, pop stars Nick Jonas and Niall Horan spoke to exclusively about their thoughts on the spooky holiday.

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For his part, Jonas is not exactly the biggest fan of the day.

“It’s a bunch of adults dressing up to, which is kind of a funny thing when you really think about it,” he shared.

“I now spend a lot of my time wearing costumes for movies and TV shows and stuff. so i think it’s a defiant statement to not on that night in particular,” Jonas added.

One Direction-er gone solo Niall Horan shared Jonas’ sentiment about Halloween being for the children.

“It’s more of a kids thing,” Horan said of the holiday in his native Ireland.

“I’ve gotten more into it recently. Actually, it was the end of our tour on Halloween one year, and we were in Tokyo,” Horan shared. “Halloween in Tokyo is a different story altogether. The Japanese like to dress up anyway, on a daily basis. So it’s like the set of a movie, like a horror movie when you’re walking around Tokyo. So after that I was like yeah, I like that.”

We can’t wait to see if they dress for the occasion this year.

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