Diplo is Less Than 'Delicate' in New Taylor Swift Parody Video

March 15, 2018
By Scott T. Sterling Diplo is not exactly "Delicate." The DJ/producer has shared a new video parody of Taylor Swift's latest visual, "Delicate," and the results are anything but. Related: Diplo’s Yeezy Season 6 Campaign Photo Shoot is Glorious Beyond Belief In the clip, Diplo sports a long blonde wig (the same one he wore in a Yeezy photo shoot parody) and a long green shirt (but no pants) to flop and flounder around to the strains of Swift's current single. "I'm delicate," the DJ captioned the Twitter video, where he particularly has trouble attempting to do the splits. Looks like Diplo isn't exactly a yoga aficionado. The clip is, however, highly entertaining, with Diplo barley containing himself from cracking up while he writhes around on the floor. Diplo has a history of provoking Swifties, watch the clip below and prepare for Swift's legions of fans to descend on Diplo's Twitter account any moment now.

[tweet https://twitter.com/diplo/status/974362080324153345]