Off Air with the Q Crew Episode 1: 21 Savage, Bow Wow, soccer and BOMB LV tacos!

Natalia, Bojo and CO1 cover it all!

We don't always have time on the air to talk about everything happening our Las Vegas community, not to mention the entire pop culture welcome to the first episode of our new podcast, Off Air with the Q Crew!

Q's own version of the Avengers -- Natalia, Bojo and DJ CO1 -- unite to talk about anything and everything in music, movies, celebrity news, Las Vegas happenings and a whole lot more.

For our first time out, we covered Liam Neeson's...uhh...awkward interview about race (4:01), 21 Savage's brush with ICE (9:26) and the questionable choice of letting J. Lo headline the Grammys' tribute to Motown (16:41). 

Plus, Bojo hits the sports beat (21:57), CO1 check out On the Record at Park MGM (45:33) and rolls out a bomb Vegas restaurant you need to check out (49:17).

Be back next week (and EVERY week) for the latest Off Air with the Q Crew!

00:00 - Introduction
04:01 - Liam Neeson talks race
09:26 - 21 Savage's immigration problems
11:34 - Bow Wow's domestic violence beef
16:41 - J. Lo honors Motown at the Grammys
21:57 - Bojo on the Las Vegas Lights and the state of soccer
29:42 - Lakers chase Anthony Davis
35:28 - Super Bowl LIII reaction, sports betting and is Tom Brady a nerd?
42:31 - Hip Hop History, featuring Big Boi, Sir Mix a Lot and Kid Capri
45:33 - CO1 hits On the Record at Park MGM...and runs into DJ Scribble!
49:17 - CO1's Vegas restaurant review: Abuela's Tacos
52:35 - Next week -- romance in Las Vegas!