LV Unity: Voting In 2020

Bojo, Nudia and Shawn Discuss The Coming Election & Latest News...

September 1, 2020

It's not always easy talking about tough topics. That's why Bojo, Nudia and Shawn Tempesta are tackling them head-on with our new monthly series LV Unity.

We take a hard look and have the hard conversations about topics in our community and around the country - with the goal of bringing positive change and understanding to our valley.

In our first episode, we discuss the Jacob Blake shooting in Wisconsin and the fallout that has come of it, including the decision by the NHL and other leagues to take a temporary timeout - and the reaction to it by the Metro police union.

Then, our discussion shifts gears to the 2020 election. With the general only two months away, are we ready to head to the polls and vote our conscience? We discuss with the President of the League Of Women Voters Nevada Sandra Cosgrove, along with Chelsea Heinbach, Teaching & Learning Librarian at UNLV who is heading up their voter engagement online workshops.