DaBaby Is the Latest to Announce He's Voting for Kanye West

Another vote for Kanye

August 13, 2020

Looks like DaBaby is pledging his allegiance to the United States of Ye, and hopping on the Kanye West presidential campaign bandwagon.

The Charlotte rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday to voice his support for Mr. West , writing, “Ima let y’all finish.... But you got me f***** up you think I ain’t voting for Ye.”

Oh snap! Is that a reference to Kanye’s infamous interruption of Taylor Swift on the VMA stage in 2009? Sure is, the savagery! But also kinda clever, not gonna lie.

Baby’s bid came after West showed him some love first, with a shoutout on Twitter. Kanye tweeted, “Lesssgoooooooooooo” ahead of clarifying that it was a “Da baby ad lib by the way.”

Getting a celebrity endorsement is like gold in presidential elections, even when the one running is also a celeb himself. So with DaBaby’s support, Kanye is all but a shoo-in right? Ehh… it’s actually uncertain if Kanye is even on the ballot at this point for DaBaby to even cast his vote in the Chi-Town rapper’s favor.

As per the North Carolina State Board of Elections fact sheet, for candidates to have their names printed on the ballot they would have needed to submit their petition signatures no later than March 3. Look we’re talking about the guy who’s responsible for the lyrics, “you should be honored by my lateness.”

With that said, write-in candidates, had until July 21. Kanye announced his presidential dreams via Twitter (duh, how else), on the July 4.

Wonder who his VP would be? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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