Jennifer Lopez Welcomes Summer With Stunning Swimsuit Photo

June 24, 2020

Jennifer Lopez is welcoming the summer season with a sizzling bikini shot.

In the Instagram photo, the pop star rocks a white one-piece from Guess. She serves as an ambassador for the brand.

The 50-year-old appears to be on a yacht as her wavy, caramel-coated locks blow in the wind. She also dons large hoop earrings to complete the look.

She captioned the stunning photo, “First weekend of summer #VibeCheck.”

Lopez has been working on her summer bod throughout the quarantine.

For some of the workouts, the star was joined by fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, and their children.

A-Rod revealed he put together a home workout routine for the whole family on his Youtube channel.

He laid out the framework for the 20-minute workout explaining that first, they get their blood pumping with a 400-meter run, followed by 15 kettlebell swings, 10 pushups, then onto free weights with 15 over-shoulders, and 15 bent-rows.

Similar to a Crossfit circuit, the goal is to do the routine as many times as possible within the timeframe.

Lopez gave some advice while lifting weights, reminding people to “use your core. Use your stomach, this is where you tighten your stomach right here.”

JLO also revealed that she’s been working on new music during the quarantine. She posted a photo in the recording studio with the caption, “I cannot wait for you to hear what we’ve been working on pa’ ti.”

In another photo from the studio, she revealed “it’s summertime and we’re cooking up something muy caliente.”

If there’s anyone that can deliver a hot summer anthem, it’s JLO.

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