Antioco Carrillo

21 Voices of Pride: Antioco Carrillo, AFAN Executive Director

What does "pride" mean to you? Las Vegas' LGBTQ community and its allies speak from the heart

October 8, 2018

As we countdown to Las Vegas Pride 2018 October 19 to 21, Entercom Las Vegas asks LGBT influencers and community allies to speak out on what "pride" means to them.

What does the word PRIDE mean to you in the literal and figurative sense?

For me, PRIDE means having the ability to show everyone that my life is as valid as everyone else, without the need to hide my relationship to anyone.  PRIDE for me is the feeling of being accepted and respected in society at large and understanding that my life, as a gay man in a relationship, is equally valued in society. 

Who in your life are you most proud of?

All the individuals that have worked in their own way to ensure that we are live free in general, but especially free from prosecution and penalization for being in love with another man.  I am proud of every single individual that has affected a law,  faced our oppressive system with defiance, protested, or voiced his/her discontent about inequality by standing up and marching for equal rights to ensure we see a generation of LGBT members that live an open, authentic and dignifying life.     

Why is it important to celebrate pride in our lives every day?

It is important to celebrate PRIDE to remind ourselves of the dark, oppressive and violent past. PRIDE is a time to remember the ones that have lost their lives in the process and to continue to embrace our future with hope for true equality for the next generation.