19th Annual Taste And Sounds Of Soul Festival

Bo Knows Vegas: Explore soul food, BBQ, cuisine and more!

March 2, 2020

Q100.5's Bojo (@BOjO_LiVe) is back with another installment of 'Bo Knows Vegas!' Bojo adventures into a festival full of taste and sounds for the soul.

He took a trip to experience the 19th Annual Taste and Sounds of Soul Festival at Downtown Las Vegas which showcased local bands and DJs, as well as street vendors with a variety of food and products.

Bojo interviewed three keynote speakers about the event and here's what they had to say:

Bojo interviews, Charles Tureaud, event host for Taste and Sounds of Soul Festival, about what the festival is about. He speaks highly of the vendors saying, "It's all about quality, bringing your best and that's what they've done." Not only are Las Vegas local restaurants involved but food vendors from surroundings states.

Bojo speaks with, Lawerence Weekly, Clark County Commissioner, on why this festival means to him and why it's so important to the Las Vegas valley. Weekly says, "This is so wonderful to show how diverse Southern Nevada is." It's truly a celebration. 

Bojo stops by food vendor, T&T Shrimp Basket, to speak with the lovely Marlow. Marlow gives Bojo a taste of the cajun style shrimp! She says it's, "some wonderful tasting shrimp." You heard it here first, folks!

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