Bojo Smells Bing Bong From Inside Out

Celebrate those iconic Disney friendships. See how!

August 8, 2019

Q100.5's Bojo took a trip to Disneyland Resort and Disney's California Adventure to explore all of the NEW festivities.

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Bojo is here with content integration manager, Reece Martin, for the merchandise of Disneyland! Disney is always looking to create synergy with their food and beverage team. Imagination Pink and Magic Mirror Metallic are Disney's NEW color stories that they are focusing on this summer. Imagination Pink Macarons complete the Disney look when matched with Disney's Imagination Pink Jersey, ears and backpack. Disney's California Adventure re-renovated Pixar Pier about one year ago. The park just opened Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind Ride.

Disney is celebrating those iconic Disney friendships. Bojo smells Inside Out's Bing Bong. He thinks Bing Bong smells like...? Yummy. Bojo and Reece venture over to the Tale of the Lion King LIVE Action booth. The film was released on July 19. Reece's favorite stuffed animals are the blue and orange lions which represent Simba and Nala. Anytime a guest purchases one of these stuffed animals, Disney donates five dollars to the Wildlife Conservation Network. 

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