Star Wars: Bojo Makes Droid BB-8's Head Spin In Circles

Live out your Star Wars Adventure in Disneyland

August 9, 2019

Q100.5's Bojo took a trip to Disneyland Resort and Disney's California Adventure to explore all of the NEW festivities.

Bojo is here with, content integration manager, Reece Martin, for the merchandise of Disneyland! Bojo and Reece travel to the planet of Batuu. 

The merchandise on Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is meant to emerse you in the story. Disneyland offers droids which guests can create themselves or take one home like DJ 3RX. This droid is bluetooth enabled so one can play their music! One may also adobt many other Star War creatures too. Reece brought her 'power and control' light saber that she built. This light saber is inspired by the First Order and the Sith. There are four types of light sabers one can choose from in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. Bojo and Reece play with some fellow droids. Bojo got droid BB-8. Disney is allowing guests to live their Star Wars Adventure. 

Check back for a new installment of 'Bojo's Disney Adventure!'

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