Watch 'Off Air with the Q Crew' Episode 5

The crew talks about the NEW Michael Jackson 'Leaving Neverland' Documentary.

March 11, 2019

Here's what's in Episode five of "Off Air with the Q Crew"

• It has been the LONGEST week ever.

• TOPIC: The Leaving Neverland documentary - Which had a two-part airing and an after part featuring Oprah.

• If you have NOT watched the documentary SPOILER ALERT.

• Bojo’s perpective: Very disturbing.

• Michael Jackson's childhood was taken away from him.

• The documentary was very one sided.

• The documantary described in details (what happened) from the victims.

• The documentary did state Jackson was sleeping with boys in his bed.

• Since Jackson lost his childhood he was attempting to relive it through adulthood.

• Wade Robson: Originally wanted Jackson to be free but is now saying opposite.

• Robson testified when he was 11 and 22 years of age. 

• Natalia: Victims who reveal that they have been sexually abused have strength.

• Point mentioned: Both of the victim’s moms blackmailed Jackson. (Something NOT mentioned in the documentary.)

• Talking about how Wade applied to work for the MJ1 show and didn’t get it.

• Cory Feldman: Needs to hear other person’s story of abuse. (Back peddling tweets)

• If it didn’t happen to him, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to someone else. (Cory Feldman)

• CO1: Jackson is an inspiration of his. He is one reason why DJ CO1 became a DJ.

• DJ CO1's favorite track "Baby Be Mine" by Michael Jackson describes different points in his life. 

• DJ CO1 has made tribute mixes about Michael Jackson.

• MJ is such a staple.

• He is not around to defend himself from the points made in the documentary.

• CO1: It is challenging to accept the fact that this is what is happening to someone he looks up to. 

• Natalia: In the after part of the Leaving Neverland documentary Oprah's point: Abusers groom their victims. 

• Michael Jackson had a pet monkey, hung out with Macaulay Culkin and more. 

• Jackson groomed society by having youth tendancies. 

• There is not another a single celebrity-figure that was loved by everyone worldwide. 

• Is Jackson's legacy tarnished?

• Wade Robson's father committed suicide.

• The victim's parents have pimped their children out to Jackson.

• The timing is super suspect. 

• Where do you stand?

• There aren’t that many receipts.

• Natalia stands with victims and has supsions with this case.

• Natalia: Listening to Jackon's music doesn't feel the same way. 

• Natalia: Triggered when she heard a Jackson sounding song.