Watch 'Off Air with the Q Crew' Episode 5 Part 2

The crew talks R. Kelly scandal and one-hour special

March 11, 2019

Here's what's in Episode 5 Part 2 of "Off Air with the Q Crew"


• Bojo: When he hears R. Kelly's music he thinks he sounds really “lustful.”

• The Q Crew agrees. Do you?

• R. Kelly's “12 Play” was released during DJ CO1’s senior year. 

• The song is suggestive and “lustful.” What was going on in R. Kelly’s head?

• Thoughts of his appearance on Gayle King? (1 hour special) 

• DJ CO1: Think this is a media stunt.

• CNN: Two females apart of the R. Kelly scandal were bring interviewed. Which had an off vibe to it because R. Kelly was in the room. 

• Victim Dominque from (Surving R. Kelly documentary) spoke about talking to media.

• She’s home with her family. R. Kelly used to have the girls rehearse what to say to the media.

• What do you think?

• Bojo: R. Kelly has been quiet and arrogant the whole time (during the scandal) until now.

• His life is on the line. It’s too late to act out now. 

• Natalia: There was a body language specialist for the R. Kelly interview.

• R. Kelly didn’t answer any of the questions. His body language was being deceitful and his answers were diverting.

• R. Kelly's story did not give him sympathy. The Q Crew thinks it came across as arrogant, aggressive, unbelievable.

• R. Kelly is in jail until he pays child support. He has to pay $161,000 in child support. 

• He wants a relationship with his kids.

• He is believed to feel as if everyone has robbed him.

• In the documentary, Surviving R. Kelly it's said he doesn’t reach out to his kids and he changes his number often. 

• Drea Kelly (R. Kelly's daughter) says she’s open to have a relationship with her father.

• CO1: R. KELLY crying has been made into a meme. 

• This meme may retire the Michael Jordan crying meme. 

• BOJO: What happens if R. Kelly somehow beats this case?

• Other cases are in the works to give R. Kelly more charges.

• Prosecuting a celebrity has become a lot easier.

• Celebrity are humans just like us. 

• We are in an age of authenticity and transparency.