Watch 'Off Air with the Q Crew' Play Two Truths And A Lie

Episode 10, Part 2 of 'Off Air with the Q Crew' will shock you

May 7, 2019

Here's what's in Episode 10, Part 2 of "Off Air with the Q Crew"

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Center For Disease Control (CDC) Tweeted: Don't wash your chicken before you cook it. #Contamination

  • NATALIA: Her house uses vinegar, lime, lemon everytime they cook. 
  • DJ CO1: He's not telling his mom how to cook! 

Two Truths And A Lie: 

  • DJ CO1:
    • His first car was a 1992 two-door Honada Civic.
    • He lost his "tender-side" at age 20. 
    • He received a full ride to Penn. State.

Which is the lie?!

  • BOJO:
    • He hooked up with one of his college professors.
    • He got drunk with Keri Hilson.
    • Took a poop in the bushes at a college party. 

Which is the lie?!

    • Jay-Z saved her life.
    • She hired Nas for a birthday party.
    • J-Lo is a distant cousin.

Which is the lie?!