Watch 'Off Air with the Q Crew' Talk Facebook Oversharing and Game Of Thrones

Here is Episode 9, Part 3 of 'Off Air with the Q Crew'

April 24, 2019

Here's what's in Episode Nine, Part Three of "Off Air with the Q Crew"

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Oversharing on Facebook: 

  • Oversharing information is worst on Facebook compared to other social platforms.
  • People are so open to talking about their personal stuff. 
  • DJ CO1: It bugs people!
  • Bojo: People are sharing in the moment. Take a second to breathe! 
  • Bojo: People post about their kids too much. Bojo is now one of those dads.
  • DJ CO1: The hospital and the car wreck posts are too much.
  • Bojo and Natalia got checked for sharing too much. Find out why.
  • Have you?
  • DJ CO1: Facebook is geared more towards family friends. IG is for the world. #ThirstTrap

'Game Of Thrones' (GOT): Viewers discretion is advised. (Content maybe sensitive to some audiences.)

  • Natalia: She has been a GOT fan for nine years.
  • DJ CO1: Never seen a GOT episode. It’s about castles... 
  • Bojo: He got lost along the way watching the show. He doesn’t like the fantasy side. 
  • One has to watch from the beginning to know what’s happening in the show. 
  • It would take 67 hours of watching to catch up from the start.