Watch 'Off Air with the Q Crew' Talk Hip Hop History, The Tooth Fairy And Easter Traditions

Here is Episode 9, Part 4 of 'Off Air with the Q Crew'

April 24, 2019

Here's what's in Episode Nine, Part Four of "Off Air with the Q Crew"

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Hip Hop History: 

  • DJ CO1: Went to a Selena tribute show.
  • Selena’s Birthday was on April 16.
  • Selena is a Tex Mex artist. Tex Mex means a wide variety of popular music originating from Texas.

Illmatic Album - 25 years

  • Natalia: Appreciates the track "The world is yours." #Inspired

The Cronic Album - One of the greatest albums of all time.

Congratulations to Cypress Hill for receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk-Of-Fame!

  • Q 100.5 is the ONLY station in Vegas to play Cypress Hill on a regular basis. 
  • The band covered many latino bases: Puerto Rican, Cuban and Mexican.

Any Easter Traditions:

  • Bojo: His household was all about church.
  • Bojo: He is learning how to celebrate Easter with children games. 
  • Natalia: Might spill the beans on the Easter Bunny to her youngest. 
  • Bojo: He officially starting Easter traditions with his family. 
  • What are your Easter traditions?

Pulling out your kids teeth… 

  • DJ CO1: Pulled the confused card to help pull his son's tooth.

How did you help pull out your child's tooth? Let us know.