Watch 'Off Air with the Q Crew' Talk Kim Kardashian Becoming A Lawyer

Here is Episode 9, Part 2 of 'Off Air with the Q Crew'

April 23, 2019

Here's what's in Episode Nine, Part Two of "Off Air with the Q Crew"

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Who would want Kim Kardashian to represent them in court?

  • LOOP HOLE: Mentor with a Law Firm for 4 years. 
  • Three states allow one to become an attorney without going to school. California is one.
  • DJ CO1: He thinks its WHACK (doing a mentorship in obtaining 100% knowledge).
  • Not going to have a FULL spectrum of knowledge based on shadowing. 
  • Bojo: DISAGREES! Bojo thinks it’s a positive thing.
  • Kim Kardashian a role model to kids. ‘
  • DJ CO1: Uhmmmm… *crickets

If you weren’t a DJ what would you do? 

  • DJ CO1: He would be a police officer. (Law Enforcement)
  • Bojo: He would be a judge. 
  • Bojo would also want to have his own late night talk show.
  • Natalia: She wanted to be a news reporter.
  • IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! (or… is it?)