Baby Bash

Nightmare on Q Street 2019: Baby Bash

It's a set guaranteed to be sweet as...well, you know

May 30, 2019


As a prevailing force in modern hip-hop, Baby Bash blazes a singular path. His extensive string of top charting hits, cross genre collaborations, striking videos and relentless touring -- coupled with a crowd-pleasing charisma and bound less personality -- illuminates an indelible artist, producer and songwriter. As his track record confirms: Baby Bash is in it for the right reasons and the long run.

Now, with a record label and entertainment company, Bash Town Music, co-ownership of a cannabis company, “California’s Finest,” and his latest full length,Don’t Panic, It’s Organic, the visionary Mexican-American hit maker is revealing the latest chapters in a storied chronicle.

Born Ronnie Rey Bryant Baby Bash inaugurated his career in his hometown of Vallejo, CA. Relocating to Houston, TX, he recorded his debut Savage Dreams with guest performances from South Park Mexican (S.P.M.) and Kid Frost. Baby Bash was signed to Universal Records for Tha Smoking Nephew, certified Gold by the RIAA,with the hit singles “Suga Suga” and “Shorty Doo-Wop.”  Super Saucy’s smash single“Baby I’m Back” (featuring Akon) debuted at Number 11 on the Billboard 200 and was also certified Gold.

The studio album Cyclone, released by Arista Records was propelled by a collaboration with Mickaël & T-Pain on a title track that moved over 750K digital copies and ringtones prior to its release. Bashtown, with production from Jim Jonsin, Printz Board and others, followed as guests E-40, Paul Wall, Slim Thug and others contributed vocals. Unsung: The Album, with marquee artists like Too Short, Frankie J and ascendant superstar Miguel, was the first release for Baby Bash’s label,Bash Town Music Group. In 2014, the Bash Town release, Ronnie Rey All Day launched the silky single “Certified Freak” into the Top 20.

As a collaborator, he says that respecting the artist is key. “I’ve worked with everyone from the dirtiest hardcore grimy gangster rappers all the way to Jesse McCartney,” explains Baby Bash, whose collaboration with Pitbull, “Outta Control,”notched another Top 20 hit. He notes the span of his collaborations, “… with everyone from Sean Kingston to Pimp C and Z-Ro, who is the King of da Ghetto.Carlos Santana tapped me to collaborate with him along with Jennifer Lopez on ‘This Boy’s Fire’ for his album Ultimate Santana – that’s the biggest stamp of approval there is.”

A defining through line of Baby Bash’s music is his melodic pliability. While he enlists a diverse roster of vocalists to join him on his tracks, he crafts the music that they sing. “That old soul,” muses Baby Bash. “My relatives were all drug addicts,strung out on heroin, listening to oldies. I think that had something to do with my melodies.” His lyric flow is intuitive and artful. Preferring to write in the studio, he says it is the beats that inspire his lyrics. “I’ve always been ahead of my slang game,”he notes. “That’s how I stay relevant.”

Now, with the expansion of Bash Town Music, creating a roster and mentoring other artists, he continues to build his unfolding future on a powerful foundation of hits,fans and influence. Bash Town is now partnered with Los Angeles-based Silent Giant Entertainment and poised for expansion into new business ventures.  As measured by Baby Bash’s massive social media audience of loyal listeners,communicating with a growing and empowered community is essential to the power of his message -- over 100 million YouTube views and 115K subscribers, 870K Facebook “Likes” and 115K Instagram fans.“I call my career ‘The Humble Hustle,’” Baby Bash says. “I learned that from my grandfather, a hard-working Mexican man. I sign every autograph. How do you say no to a fan?” With the release of the Don’t Panic It’s Organic Album there are sure to be more fans, videos, concerts, clubs, and parties. “I have to work harder than an ugly stripper,” he laughs.