Cardi B

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Cardi B Is Candid About Being A Role Model

She shares the changes she's had to make.

April 9, 2019

Cardi B has always been the type to speak her mind. This time she didn't hold back when asked about being a role model.

The last couple of days have been insane for Cardi. She was in our city of Las Vegas as part of the opening weekend for the anticipated opening weekend of Kaos Nightclub. She performed, ended the her set with fireworks, and off to the next gig she went. 

Hours later, she landed in New York to do her job as a special guest speaker for Beautycon. Although its rumored that she was a couple of hours late, the fans cut her some slack and were ready to hear what Cardi gems of knowledge they'd get. 

One of the topics during the conference that has the internet buzzing isn't about cosmetics at all. During an interview with Nightline, Cardi B was asked how she feels about being a role model to children. Per usual, Cardi let her feelings out and truly shared how that massive responsibility has changed her. She calls out parents, and says she's done a lot of holding back from being her true self, and feels absolutely trapped. 

She also gives an insight of who were and still are her role models... Check it out below!

#CardiB keeps it ---- She breaks down the changes she’s done to become a “role model” and who she looks up to -- (--: @nightline)

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