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Why Did Chris Tucker Want To Fight Lebron James At Church?

Magic Johnson Had To Step In

February 15, 2019

Turns out, Chris Tucker takes his Church sermon very serious. The famous comedian is so serious about seeing the expressions of his preacher that he almost got into it with Lebron James!

Chris Tucker shared with ESPN that attending the same church as Lebron James and Magic Johnson can have its challenges. In a hilarious video, Chris describes how Lebron James attended a Church service and was invited to sit in the front row. Lebron is a whopping 6'8 and Magic 6'9, with such heights the two famous basketball stars completely blocked Chris' view!  

"Get out the way. I can’t see nothing, LeBron.’ And I try to look around him, Magic Johnson’s on the other side. I can’t see over him neither, and I’m like, ‘y’all know y’all tall why y’all sitting up in the front seat? And me and LeBron almost got into a fight.” Chris says. 

As the story continues, Chris admits that Magic tried to calm him down, haha!

“And I said ‘Nah, you not gonna smooth talk me with your great attitude. It’s just ridiculous. “I’m glad you’re in church, but sit in the back row, man. You’re too tall to be sitting in the front. That’s all I’m complaining about.” 

Check out the video below!