Sandee Bonita Attends Dîner en Blanc

The secret worldwide picnic stopped at Downtown Summerlin

April 29, 2019

If you were shopping in Downtown Summerlin yesterday evening, chances are you were wondering why hundreds of people dressed in white caused the area to shut down. Let me introduce you to Dîner en Blanc!

It's no surprise that I love experiences. I enjoy meeting new people, traveling to new cities, and learning from it all. You have to live to learn and learn to grow. With that being said, during my time in Washington, D.C., I was introduced to the exclusive Dîner en Blanc experience and knew I had to do it here in Las Vegas. 

Here's how it works: Dîner en Blanc is invite only, therefore, only people that have attended in previous years can extend an invitation to you. The concept of this chic, "oh you fancy," all white picnic started in Paris, France and then was embranced all over the world. The fancier you dress.. the better. The more espectacular your table set up is.. even better!

What makes this event unique is, the mystery of it all. Once you have obtained and secured your invitation, you get sent a meeting location. From there, you get whisked away on a bus (with no idea of where you're going) until you get to the big reveal... what public place is being shut down for your dinner celebration! That is my favorite part - having dinner in a place you'd never would be able to.  

During my experience in Washington, D.C., the mystery place was the Washington Nationals Baseball Park. 

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Pretty cool, right? I couldn't pass up the opportunity to experience this event in Las Vegas. I kept trying to guess the location while on the bus, but as soon as I saw the driver eyeing the Sahara exit off the 215 beltway, I knew exactly where we were going... Downtown Summerlin!

Here's a look at the best moments I captured of the beautiful people of Las Vegas celebrating our stop of Dîner en Blanc.