DMX Helps A Family With School Supplies

The rapper took it upon himself to make the beginning of a school year unforgettable

September 4, 2019

Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images North America

As a father of 15 children, DMX must know the expense that goes into getting kids ready for a new school year. 

Recently the rapper was in Maine for a festival. Before he hit the stage, he decided to hit up the mall for a little shopping. While he was there he met a mother that was school shopping for daughter. As DMX saw her in line, he decided to pay for her entire purchase. 

According to WABI-TV DMX expressed how blessed he was to have his kids, and wanted the mother and her children to be blessed as well.  The total amount that DMX paid wasn't disclosed, but a good deed is always priceless. 

GM... Everyday of life is a new chapter and it’s already been foretold so it’s up to the soul to capture

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