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Lebron James Gets Emotional On The Movie Set Of "Space Jam 2"

The basketball star expresses his gratitude

June 25, 2019

Lebron James couldn't not contain his exciment on the set of Space Jam 2.

Just like many of us, Lebron has admitted to being a fan of the first movie. We all marveled at Michael Jordan alongside Bugs Bunny and the thought of a sequel was almost hard to believe. Now, we have Lebron who also feels the same way eventhough he's the one starring in it. 

Recently, photos of the practice court were released and it's a dream for any basketball lover. The court overlooks the city of Los Angeles and it has been decorated with Lebron's logo. There was also a video of Lebron shooting hoops as he preps himself for the movie shoot.

To add to the excitement of the movie coming to life, Lebron took to Twitter to share his gratitude. The basketball star had a nostalgic moment but still is making sure to embrace the present and share how thankful he is for it all.



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