Jamie McCarthy / Staff/ Getty Images North America

Madonna Loses In Court- Tupac Letter Going Up For Auction

The appeal from the Queen of Pop was denied.

June 5, 2019

On rare occassions, Madonna doesn't get things her way. This time around a New York courthouse was the one to deny the Queen of Pop.

Back in the day, it was rumored that Madonna was dating Tupac. The late legendary rapper wrote her a letter a while he was in jail, and now that letter will be sold to the biggest bidder. Madonna filed an appeal agaisn't the auction house and the art consultant overlooking the sale to block it from happening. According to TMZ, the appeal was denied and the letter will be sold as early as next month. 

Madonna reportedly signed a release back in 2004 that prevented her from suing or acting out over the sale of the letter. The Material Girl is yet to comment on the situation.