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Snoop Dogg Opens Up About Jay-Z's Love For Nipsey Hussle

He says that HOV "really loved" Nip.

September 25, 2019

Nipsey's passing was felt all around the world. This man wasn't only an artist, he was also an amazing angel to his community. 

With his tragic death, Nipsey's fans and collegues have made sure maintain his vision alive and many have honored his memory in different ways. Snoop Dogg has been one of those top that has remained true to Nip and continues to share stories about how he touched many hearts while being alive. 

Recently, DeSean Jackson, the wide receiver for the Eagles, sat down with Snoop Dogg to exchange some of those beautiful memories about the Crenshaw Rapper. Jackson knew Nip before the fame, as they are both from the same city. During the conversation that is set to air on the NFL Network, Snoop reveals to DeSean that Jay-Z "really loved" Nipsey.  

Snoop recalls attending Nipsey's Grammy Party and Jay-Z showed up to support and praise Nipsey's achievement. When Nipsey saw both Snoop and Jay there, he was in awe and couldn't believe that such legends were there to support him. That's when Snoop remembers telling him: " ‘cus you arrived.’ You arrived. That’s why we’re here,” 

During the teaser, you can see Snoop's emotional expressions as he shares running into Jay-Z in Virginia after Nipsey's passing. He continues to say:  " 'cus held me so tight. He was like ‘man, we were just talking about Nip.’ He said ‘man, I really loved him.’ And the way he held me was like, it was different.”

He also shared that Jay-Z and Beyonce were in attendance at Nipsey's celebration of life, and to him that was confirmation that Jay-Z truly respected and loved Nipsey. 

Check out the video below.


Powerful piece I did with @nflnetwork check it out tonight @ 8pm eastern!! Rest In Peace @nipseyhussle ----------

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