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T-Pain Honors Dog Lovers With New Music Video

His song "It's My Dog Birthday" is dog heaven!

May 13, 2019

One of the greatest joys from the internet has to be the creation of cute puppy and dog videos. Don't act brand new, and pretend you've never seen one- you already clicked on this article so that means you're just like us and enjoy some good ol' doggie cuteness.

Seems like you can add T-Pain into this dog lover category as well. He just released a new song called "It's My Dog Birthday," and the music video is epic! According to Billboard, T-Pain wrote the song with one of his "homies" in my mind. Although the song may inspired by his human friend, T-Pain decided to take the concept of the music video and make it literal.. its my dog birthday! He owns two French bulldogs and thought it would be a genius idea to honor the relationship between dogs and their owners. 

The music video showcases what I consider the best party ever!  Dogs are covered in party decor, enjoying cupcakes as their owners spoil them with love. If you're a dog mom/dad, you'd wish your baby was a part of this!  

Click here to see the cuteness for yourself!

The. Greatest. Dog. Party. Ever!! Official video for “Its My Dog Birthday” out now. Shout out to @barkbox & everyone who helped this come to life --

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