Watch 'Off Air with the Q Crew' Episode 5 Part 3

The crew talks Luke Perry, 90210, '90s TV shows and trusting your spouse

March 11, 2019

Here's what's in Episode Five Part Three of "Off Air with the Q Crew"

• Rest In Peace to Luke Perry. He played Dylan on 90210. He passed away from a stroke at the age of 52.

• Natalia: Loved him and had a poster of him in her room.

• DJ CO1: Only knows the zip code.

• Bojo: 90210 was a big deal in his household.

• The Q Crew don't really remember seeing race in the show.

• Bojo’s Sister watched the show. 

• Bojo and his sister were happy to see an episode when a family of color moved into the neighborhood. 

• The show left an impact on Bojo. 

90210 talked about important topics like drinking and inappropriate culture. (Which was big for society back then.)

• It was important for young girls to tackle these issues. Inappropiate culture wasn’t talked about a lot.

• DJ CO1: Luke Perry was a modern day Fonzie.

• DJ CO1 grew up on happy Days. 

• He was the cool guy to be. He was the johnny depp. 

• How old were the characters in the show?

• Luke Perry was in his late 20-30's playing younger.

• Bojo: Loved 21 Jumpstreet.

• DJ CO1: Wanted to be a cop which was inspired by 21 Jumpstreet. It’s everything to him.

• He bought police toys from stores when he was a kid. 

• He went back to his old high school, after being trained in the police force, to check on kids. 

• Bojo: Casting as remarkable for the show (90210).

• They had a cast of most to all races.

New York Undercover (TV show) has a cool Eastcoast vibe was super cool.

• Natalia: Loved the music played on the show.

New York Undercover used to play Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep and Biggie.

• The show used to have a LIVE performer at the lounge in the show. 

• The show had crime and drama which made it cool.

• What '90s show do you want remade?

• DJ CO1: Cool Sitcoms and Comedic shows

Living Single (TV show) was a comedy show.

Family Matters (TV show) was more of a sitcom.

• Bojo loved Alyssa Milano.

This Is Us (TV show) is a family show with a diverse track.                 

Modern Family (TV show) had a super diverse cast. The Q Crew approves.

• Natalia: Blackish (TV show) is a great family show.

• DJ CO1: Still watches Martin, The Jamie Fox Show and Friends.

• DJ CO1's Goal: Go to a Friend’s trivia competition and compete.

• Natalia and Bojo didn’t watch Steinfeld.

• Bojo to Natalia: Name 3 characters from Friends.

• Does she get them? Find out!

• NEW TOPIC: The owner and CEO of the San Francisco Giants had a public altercation with this wife recently.

• He was seen snatching his phone from his wife. 

• The CEO took a leave of absence.

• Bojo: What was in his phone that he was trying to hide?

• How serious are we with our phones with our significant others?

• The owner of the Patriots had a similar situation.

• DJ CO1: His wife and his son have access to his phone. 

• He doesn’t have any worry about his family seeing his phone. 

• Bojo: They both have their passwords to each others phones. 

• Bojo wasn’t always comfortable but he is comfortable now.

• None of the Q Crew is on Snapchat. They all agree that APP is for single people.

• Natalia and her husband have each others social media access.

• She’s not real fond of her husband going through her stuff. 

• DJ CO1 follows back and Bojo follows back.

• Natalia will go in to her husband's account and unfollow all the girls he follows.

• She wont let him comment on any of her stuff. She would rather him be private. He also can't post.

• DJ CO1 likes his wife interacting with his social stuff. 

• Do you allow your significant other to be free with social media?