Watch 'Off Air with the Q Crew' Episode 7, Part 2

The crew talks Lil Nas X, Country Music, Social Media and Cringy News Broadcasts

April 1, 2019

Here's what's in Episode Seven, Part Two of "Off Air with the Q Crew"

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Lil Nas X:

  • Created a country-trap song called "Old Town Road." 
  • The song is: No. 1 in Apple music & no. 3 in spotify.
  • 65 percent of Vegas is consuming the song. 
  • DJ CO1: There is a video challenge about this. Kids are wearing normal clothes then the video cuts to them wearing country clothes. 
  • Billboard cut the song from the country charts because it doesn’t contain enough country elements. 
  • Bojo: It’s a good look to have this song.
  • Natalia: He’s getting support from country artists. 
  • Does it come down to race? Thoughts?
  • Natalia: Bad press can be good press. 
  • Did you know who he was before this?

Toledo News Video:

  • Testing week: It’s hard. 
  • News Casts: Broadcasts the news as if they were talking like today's youth.
  • Bojo: What in the powder donuts?! #Cringy
  • Everyone is talking about the news video.
  • What is Hundo P? (One hundred percent)

Cringy Content:

  • News video where reporter couldn’t get out her words. 
  • The news station came out that she was having a stroke.
  • Everyone has had a time where they couldn’t get out their words. 

Kissing People:

  • Don’t kiss people you’re not supposed to kiss. 
  • You can get sued.