Las Vegas

Ja Rule

Nightmare on Q Street 2019: Ja Rule

Ja Rule , born Jeffrey Atkins, is a multi-platinum rapper with numerous hit singles under his belt.
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Nightmare on Q Street 2019: Ashanti

Ashanti burst onto the music scene with her 2002 smash hit, self-titled debut album “Ashanti.”
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Nightmare on Q Street 2019: Chingy

Howard Bailey Jr. also known as his stage name “ Chingy ” is an established Multiplatinum international recording artist from St. Louis, MO.
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Nightmare on Q Street 2019: Mims

Mims (backronym for Music Is My Savior) will be right there to lay out his healing magic at Nightmare on Q Street.
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Baby Bash

Nightmare on Q Street 2019: Baby Bash

As a prevailing force in modern hip-hop, Baby Bash blazes a singular path.
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B2K Reunites on The Millennium Tour!

B2K aka Boys of the New Millennium are back! Who remembers Lil' Bow Wow 's music video "Ghetto Girls?" Yes we're throwing it back to the early 2000s. B2K made an appearance and later on opened for Lil' Bow Wow 's “Scream 2 Tour.” Timing couldn't have worked out better for the group. “Uh Huh,” their...
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Janet Jackson Launches New Metamorphosis Residency

Influential entertainer, Janet Jackson , is a prominent personality in today's culture.
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Bruno Mars: New Vegas Show Dates

American singer, songwriter and record producer, Bruno Mars, sings in a style of music genres including: pop, soul, hip hop and funk.
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Andre Reyes Formerly of Gipsy Kings!

Latin hit-makers, Gypsy Kings are known for their firery take on flamenco, salsa, pop and rock music genres. Fans from around the world have been capitvated by the band's unique sound. The French Rumba Catalana band hit music success with their self-titled third album. The twelve track album...
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In Defense of Hobo Johnson

Of all the artists and activists featured at this year’s Emerge Impact + Music festival, Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers might be the most polarizing.
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